March 12, 2008

Welcome to the home of Double Lives: Writing and Motherhood

Double Lives is a compelling and exciting collection of twenty-five original personal essays about the challenges and synergies of pursuing the passion to write while having a family. From seasoned professionals to noteworthy new talents, the authors in this collection make a significant and illuminating contribution to our understanding of how writer and mother co-exist. Double Lives is available from your local bookstore and we encourage you to buy locally. Find a bookstore.

From the Book:

"Writing is a kind of ongoing conversation or quarrel with one's self. When children come into the picture, the voices multiply, overlap and become confused. What I discovered in my own new motherhood, and in the process of writing a book about it, was that the self is not a watertight vessel that sails you through the rough seas of family life. It is and has to be more permeable."

-- from the Introduction by Marni Jackson

"If you find yourself in the situation of recently having created life, it won't hurt to recognize the spiritual doors that have opened to you. And why should such an opening be free of pain? Even following the barn owl for a day makes the back ache and the knees stammer. The other name for such good work is joy."

-- from "Letters to a Young Mother Who Writes" by Rachel Rose

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