March 24, 2008

Quill and Quire Praises Double Lives

In Quill & Quire's April 2008 issue, Kristen den Hartog had this to say about Double Lives: Motherhood and Writing:

"These essays cover a broad terrain. The authors included here--some well-know, many little-known--are diverse in their backgrounds and experiences. Some are currently juggling motherhood and writing; others raised children in an earlier era, and built writing careers despite the popular belief that they couldn't do both; some have set aside their aspirations to focus on family. There are teenage moms, middle-aged moms, lesbian moms, and adoptive moms. The editors have thoughtfully gathered and ordered their stories. With each one, this moving anthology opens up and out, managing to be philosophical, pragmatic, nurturing, and intensely personal.....
Many of the essays refer to what Janice Kulyk Keefer, in 'Motherlodes, Muses, Mapmakers,' describes as that 'clamped stated of mind,' which offers so little space for creativity. With motherhood, writing time shrivels, as do uninterrupted hours of contemplation.
This courageous and revealing book--prefaced by Marni Jackson, author of The Mother Zone, lays out that reality in ways as varied as its writers' voices. It belongs in every mother-writers' library, to be read not in one gulp, but piece by piece, as the situation demands--and, of course, as time permits."

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