May 14, 2008

Vancouver launch a riproaring success!

The Vancouver launch of Double Lives took place on a wet and chilly Saturday evening, the night before Mother’s Day, at funky, welcoming Little Nest café just off Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, and the event was a riproaring success!
Upwards of 50 people, including parents, grandparents and kids, packed into the high-ceilinged space and listened with rapt attention to local contributors Jane Silcott, Cori Howard, Luanne Armstrong, Deirdre Maultsaid, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Catherine Kirkness and Rachel Rose reading from their essays before tucking into delicious dips and sumptuous cake and lining up to get their anthologies signed. Local bookseller Blackberry Books sold over 40 copies and all three editors were thrilled by the book’s reception, going to bed only to wake to the news of yet more media coverage, following our excellent reviews in Saturday’s Globe and Mail.
In fact, Mother’s Day weekend saw great coverage of the anthology nationwide, including reviews and features in the Victoria Times-Colonist, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Winnipeg Free Press and Vancouver Sun. So thanks to all our wonderful contributors and the team at MQUP for all your hard work--it has paid off. Double Lives has officially arrived.

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